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I had the chance to chat with the talented songwriter and vocalist, Nix, about her music, writing, and the future. After winning multiple songwriting competitions, and having her single “Playing With Fire” featured on 2 MTV shows, Nix has a bright future in music. Today, she released her new single, “Fools”, so check that out below and find out more about her through my interview!

Let’s start by talking about how you got started in music. You had a very musical childhood, being part of jazz ensembles and learning classical violin. Did that inspire you to write your own music?

Being part of those ensembles and singing in choirs didn’t directly inspire me to write my own music, but it made me realize that music was what I wanted to do with my life and that I wanted to be in this industry professionally.

You obviously love writing as well, having participated in many songwriting competitions. How do these competitions help your writing?

They mostly just remind me how many incredibly talented people there are out there! I love hearing the songs that the winners, runner-ups, and finalists create, and that inspires me to write even more.

For you personally, what comes first; the music or the melody?

Both! If I’m actively trying to write a song, it’s usually the melody that comes first… but like most artists, at random moments you’ll get lyrics and ideas that just pop into your mind at any time, and it’s at those moments that I’ll scramble to write it down or record a voice memo so that I don’t lose my thought.

Something that I noticed and loved, was that when you started a GoFundMe for your album, you donated 10% of the proceeds to CAMH. How are mental health and music connected to you?

I am a huge supporter of mental health awareness, ending the stigma, and getting more mental health resources available, as I personally deal with depression and anxiety, which has affected me greatly in my life. Like many musicians who deal with mental illness, music is a huge outlet for us, and I think it’s our superpower that keeps us fighting.

You released your singles “Tastes Like Sugar” and “Playing With Fire” in 2019. The latter was even featured in 2 MTV shows! What other cool things have happened since the releases?

They’ve both won numerous awards, which I am so grateful for, and the attention they’ve received has connected me to other writers, producers, and artists.

Favourite new song at the moment, go!

Smile by Katy Perry!

What else do you have in store for 2021?

I love how 2020 is already thrown out the window… haha. It has been quite an unfortunate year. For 2021, if all goes well health-wise for the world, I’d love to get on the road and perform live. And new music is coming as well.

Any last thoughts you’d like to share?

Thank you to everyone for the love, and I really hope you like my music! Please take a moment to follow me on Instagram and Twitter @itsNixYall and on Spotify!

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