Jérôme Couture releases entirely self-produced single “Keep Us Alive”

Jérôme Couture recently released his hot new track “Keep Us Alive” to Canadian radio and digital streaming platforms. “Keep Us Alive” is Couture’s first entirely self-produced single. Couture was inspired by movement and dance. “Keep Us Alive” takes us back to the 70s, and to the time of Travolta.

“The theme of the song is about a meeting, a loving search for disco tunes, but the current context forces an interesting subtext. We can’t get any closer, but God we would! The music brings people together and is always a source of comfort. The irony in all of this is that we have to stay away to keep ourselves alive, Keep Us Alive” explains Couture.

When creating the new song, Couture surrounded himself with new collaborators, including Canadian director Corey LeRue (Mikolas Josef, Ria Mae). Couture explores the disco sounds and styles while keeping true to the pop essence that suits him so well. Couture’s most recent single releases, “Te le dire” and “Sur le rythme” were taken from the album Mon paradis, and they testify to his undeniable penchant for dance and rhythm.

Couture also wanted to push his artistic approach on the visual side. The colorful cover was created by Jimmy Fecteau, a multidisciplinary artist who has been working as a digital agency for more than 20 years. The latter offers an illustrative mix of collage, overlays of images from different cities such as Montreal, paint and ink. The use of Couture’s tattoos tells a story through the portrait: the bird and the woman are face to face, a relationship is established between the two characters and thus creates a link with the theme of the song.

“Keep Us Alive” is available on all digital platforms as well as for download for radio stations.

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