Weekly Beat Down – July 27, 2020 to August 1, 2020

Happy Music Monday everybody and welcome back! Today is a very special edition of the Weekly Beat Down as we retire our long-standing reigning champs Bad Holiday and their song “Can’t Control”. They survive six weeks and many incredible artists, they have now earned themselves the Hall of Fame status. Congratulations Bad Holiday on your stellar victory, keep your eyes and ears open for their new single dropping on the 31st. Now it’s time to move into a fresh new lineup on the Weekly Beat Down, Two brand new songs will be debuting today. Let’s check them out in this week’s episode, and we also got more recommendations on Zach’s Picks of the Week.

Starting things off with our brand new artist coming from Moncton, New Brunswick. Ryan Maynard is a pop singer-songwriter who has recently released his brand new video for the song “Summer Sun (Nothin’ On You)”. A taste of what is to come from his forthcoming symphonic album Matter of Time, which will be coming out in August. Ryan also was featured in a Five Question interview earlier this week if you want to go check out that interview, I’ll leave the link right here.

If you guys enjoy Ryan’s song, you can go and vote for him at the bottom of the page, check out the full video below.

The second competition that will be joining us and debuting on the beat down this week. Toronto, Ontario-based DJ Velvet Code has just released the brand new single called “Teenage Dreamer”. He has also released a video which was completely filmed in self-isolation, the song was written, produced, mixed and mastered by Velvet Code and is aimed to connect fellow members of the LGBTQ+ community through nostalgic and thought-provoking lyrics. If you enjoy velvet codes brand new track be sure to go and cast your vote for him down below and check out the video below.

Those are going to be the two amazing songs that you, the fans, will get the chance to vote for this week. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #weeklybeatdown when you’re sharing with your friends. The voting will be going from today Monday, all the way until Saturday night.

That’s it for the music that we have for you this week. Be sure to tune in next week for more exciting music, and most likely the same shenanigans. Peace, Love, and Good Music to you all out there!! Spread some love and I’ll see you in the next one.

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