Shane Cloutier releases new single, “Rain Check”

Orillia-based folk-rock singer-songwriter, Shane Cloutier has unveiled his new single, “Rain Check” along with a video to accompany the release.

“I wrote “Rain Check” when remembering the feeling of not being able to let go and move on.

It’s about feeling guilty for being stuck in difficult circumstances, and gives a glimpse of hope that someday in the future, you’ll be able to embrace the present,” he continues. “I think sometimes we carry a lot of luggage from our past, and this can inhibit and sometimes prevent us from living life the way we are supposed to. 

“Rain Check,’ for me, is my inner dialogue in those moments of apprehension and uncertainty. I truly believe our inner voice is how our spirit pushes forward, even when that voice feels dark.”

He adds,

“On set shooting, I couldn’t help but get caught up in the emotion I felt when I originally wrote the song. Sometimes we have support we can’t even see because we’re so consumed by our own emotions, and I think this song and video really portray that struggle. 

Visually capturing content that would express my inner dialogue was made easy by the location, which was moody and full of dark corners. It’s always an absolute pleasure to work with Adam Fair of Villa Sound; he shot and edited the video and, because he has an insight into the song having recorded it, provided a real consistency in the translation of the ideas.“

The single acts as an early preview to his forthcoming album, one that promises to further embody Cloutier’s emotive voice and unique approach, complete with his signature heavy metal influence, a sojourn into programmed beats, and a nod to his collaborations with multi-award winning blues drummer Tom Bona and legendary guitarist Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush.

Check out the video for “Rain Check” below, and stay up to date with Shane via his socials.

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