Like A Motorcycle releases new single, “Satan Does The Numbers”

They’re back with another punchy and hard-hitting track, Like A Motorcycle from Halifax shares an anthem of depravity, “Satan Does The Numbers”. Watch the lyric video below.

The Band says

“‘Satan’ is a tune about all the nefarious f***ery that goes on in the seedy-after-hour underbelly of the music scene. It is about the (relatable) impulse to shift responsibility onto literally anything outside of yourself to keep the party going. Acting likeno one’s in control when you know damn well you’re in the driver’s seat about to floor yourself, and maybe all your pals, off that friggen cliff.”

Much like everyone, 2020 has been a different sort of year for musicians and their fans, this Halifax foursome have had to slow down on the touring front, they are in no way slowing down!

“Satan Does The Numbers” follows fast on the heels of the previous 2020 tracks “Wide Awake” and “Idols.” This track of unrelenting churning of guitars seeks to explain our nihilistic side, exploring what it means to ignore all signs of danger and knowingly charge headfirst into a situation fraught with pitfalls. “The night is young and we’re still able to put our money on the table. Satan’s been doing the numbers.”

If you’re looking for something to pass the time, well you can go check out Like a Motorcycles YouTube game show. Yes, you heard me right a “Game Show”, it’s called the “The Rock n Roll Roundup”. In the show, they will challenge other bands to compete in a head-to-head trivia competition. In the first episode is already out, episode two will be coming soon and you can go and check out the link to the video right here.

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