Kandle shares new track “Better Man”

Last week, BC-born singer-songwriter Kandle released her newest single “Better Man”. Written after she cut ties with someone she had entrusted with her career, the track a mood of authority, inspired by theatrics of a German cabaret, flipping the script after wallowing in resentment for years.

You can purchase/stream “Better Man” here, or listen to it below:

While her fourth album, “untitled”, may have been recorded under extraordinary circumstances (under the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown of 2020), Kandle streamlined her focus and vision. She steps into her self worth with the confidence of a true veteran who is capable of taking any situation and finding an opportunity for a deeper emotional connection. If her past has provided catharsis, her future is all about empowerment.

While the beginnings of the recording took place long before the days of social distancing and self-isolation, how it began was not too different. “Kandle already had most of the songs written and roughly demoed well before we got in the studio,” says London-based-producer Michael Rendall. “We had been working back and forth on [songs] vía iMessage towards the end of 2019.”

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