Bad Child releases new single, “Blood”

Self-taught singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist known as BAD CHILD shares his most personal song yet, “Blood” through 21 Entertainment/ Universal Music Canada / Capitol Records/ Virgin Records. Each verse characterizes a family member – a Grandfather who was a sniper in the French Foreign Legion, a Grandmother who fled from Algeria after colonization – tracing through the layers of his bloodline. “Blood” arrives at a time when the world is encouraged to reflect inwards and be vulnerable with your findings, a task that BAD CHILD has taken on wholeheartedly.

“’Blood’ is what watered the roots of my family tree,” BAD CHILD explains of the song, “I made this song to help me understand myself – coming from such a broad and multi-cultural background I never knew where I belonged. Growing up eating north African food, listening to French music, hearing many different languages and ways of thinking. I always felt connected to each of them. When asked what I am I always have a difficult time emotionally and intellectually. I was blessed to have been exposed to so many different walks of life so young, but it also led to me never really fitting into a peg. I have an afro with ringlets, not like my grandmother who has tight curls. Race has always been something I have thought about. I’ve seen people be racist to my grandmother for her darker complexion and African heritage. I have never experienced racism, but I feel very responsible in understanding my family’s history. I always laugh thinking about the shape of my family, it is as if everyone who’s ever been at war has fallen in love. My Algerian grandmother married a French foreign legion sniper. My polish grandmother married a German American. My mother was born in Paris, my father in Canada.”

Despite the challenges of the global pandemic, BAD CHILD continues to release new music including a cover of Soundgarden’s original “Black Hole Sun”, teaming up with fellow Canadians Justin Bieber, Geddy Lee, Avril Lavigne, Walk Off The Earth and many more on another Bill Withers cover of the classic “Lean On Me” as the broadcast event Stronger Together Tous Ensemble.  The cover was released following the show on all streaming platforms with all proceeds going to the Canadian Red Cross.

BAD CHILD is an artist looking to come to terms with his childhood and his upbringing. After losing his mother at a young age and dealing with heartbreak, he sought refuge from the world in music. Since then he’s been breaking new ground with his genre-bending and distinguished sound palette. Checking out “Blood” on all your favourite streaming platforms now.

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