Video for “I Don’t Want To Be The President” released by Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne

Multi-award winning ‘Blues Bloss’, Kenny Wayne has unveiled his latest single, “I Don’t Want To Be The President” along with a video to accompany the release.

“Who can resist Kenny Wayne having a blast performing this song?” asks Rock and Blues Muse’s Martine Ehrenclou. “Take it with you into your weekend and see if it doesn’t get considerably better.”

I actually stumbled across this song and had music already written that would fit perfectly,” Wayne notes of the happenstance around the track being made. “And the timing was right to mention the importance of this year’s election.

To help get this message across, it needed a good beat… It needed a younger generation person to get the message to the youth.”

He’s referring, of course, to the tracks’ featuring of SeQuaL — aka artist and Wayne’s son Cory Spruell — who infuses a rap cadence and fresh verse into the Percy Mayfield cover, instantly elevating it into a duet for the ages, literally and figuratively.

Fans of Wayne’s internationally sold-out shows know what they’re in for, and “I Don’t Want To Be The President” lands no differently: smooth, robust, soulful vocals injected into a cannon that blasts quite the sonic sensation.

“I’m not looking for a different path,” the 75-year old man of the hour asserts. “I love that jump blues and boogie-woogie. That’s where my heart is at.

I’m just trying to keep that style alive,” he adds. “That’s classic stuff, and I’m at that classic age so it all works out.”

Check out the video below, and stay up to date with the “Blues Boss” via his socials.

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