Weekly Beat Down – June 29, 2020 to July 4, 2020

Hello and welcome everybody, happy Canada Day to you as well! We are back once again for another edition of the Weekly Beat Down where we will be facing off two amazing songs for you the fans to vote on. Of course, the song counting with the most votes by the end of this week will be crowned our winner and be moving on to the next round. Let’s jump right into this brand new episode below.

Starting things off with our first competition who is returning for their third round on the Beat Down. Toronto, Ontario party rockers Bad Holiday are back with the song “Can’t Control”. You guys are going to enjoy the next single coming out from these guys because I got a sneak peek. Trust me these guys are some talented musicians so go and check out the full music video for “Can’t Control”, down below and don’t forget to vote for your favourite at the bottom of the page.

The newest competition that will be joining us on the Weekly Beat Down is Toronto, Ontario’s Jane’s Party. The band has released the video for “Change Her Mind” and we’ve got it right here on the Weekly Beat Down. The Pop-rock band had originally planned for a full video shoot to do the music video. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic the band decided to take a different route in the video’s creation. You’re going to enjoy this very cool stop motion production in the brand new video for “Change Her Mind” right here.

Those are the two amazing songs that we’ve got for you to check out this week on the show. You know what to do, get those votes in down below. You can cast your votes from today Monday going all the way until Saturday night. Do not forget to use the hashtag #WeeklyBeatDown when you are sharing your favourite song with your friends.

However that is it, Happy Canada Day to everybody out there!! I hope you have a safe and responsible time. I will be back next Monday with some more amazing music so as always, Peace, Love and Good music to you all!!

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