JoJo Mason releases video for his rendition of “Where Is The Love?”

JoJo Mason’s new video “Where is the Love” shows today’s society and his own pain, hurt, and hope; and is filled with images from these times that are so relevant.

“Where is the Love” was first recorded by the American hip-hop group The Black Eyed Peas. This hit song was released on June 16, 2003, and it’s still timely and makes sense now more than any other time in recent history. JoJo Mason is a Canadian country music singer-songwriter but in this video, he keeps to the hip-hip origin of the song making it seem more personal to him, allowing him to express himself

JoJo Mason has taken his passion for what is happening with the events happening in today’s world to deliver this poignant rendition of a song so important 17 years after it’s original release. You can see his pain as he sings and witnesses how he feels deep inside his heart. He is sharing his soul with all those who watch this video.

From JoJo Mason, his thoughts and feelings on BLACK LIVES MATTER:

“Ask yourself, now that you know, what are you gonna do about it? “Mixed emotions” is an understatement. I am mad. I am hurt. I am angry. I am sad. BUT I am also hopeful. I am also grateful. And I am also excited. I’m mad because Black Lives DON’T Matter to some people. Hurt because People of Colour are murdered without justice and as a society we are now just starting to recognize. I am angry because without JUSTICE there will never be PEACE. And I am sad because it took a video of GEORGE FLOYD and AHMAUD ARBERY getting brutally murdered to spark the change that desperately needed to happen long ago. BUT. I am grateful because the conversation has been started. Hopeful because people are opening up their hearts and minds to a new way of life, a new way of loving one another. And I am excited that, in real time, the change is happening, I get to be alive to see it happen and be part of the movement. Educating yourself. Having tough, awkward and uncomfortable conversations. Learning about other cultures and their history of oppression. Accepting how real and alive racism is. Realizing when injustices happen and how to handle them. Opening your heart and your mind to change. Checking yourself and your peers. Teaching your children right from wrong. NOW THAT YOU KNOW, what are you going to do about it? Start, and don’t ever stop asking yourself, ‘Where Is The Love?’ Where is YOUR love and how can you help be part of the change? My love, your love, OUR LOVE is going to conquer.” 

The message of this song is still so very strong and important now that it should be shared everywhere and JoJo Mason could be a voice for change.

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