Nicole Rayy is pushing the limits once again by bringing together women of country music for a reimagined video of “All Woman”

CMAOntario-nominated country music singer-songwriter Nicole Rayy truly believes in empowering women. She hosts weekly live streams that include Girl Talk, All Woman Wednesday, and All Women Music to name a few. Now, she has taken woman empowerment one step further by connecting with ten female artists to help her contribute in showing the world what women that have empowered each other sound like. Rayy feels that this song, “All Woman,” is “an empowered feminist anthem wrapped in the comfort of a country track.”

The new “All Woman” video features vocals from Alessia Cohle, Bree Taylor, Elyse Saunders, Jess & Tay, Kelsi Mayne, Mackenzie Leigh Meyer, Melissa Megan, Rebecca Reeves, Nicole Rayy and Suzi Kory. Rayy, right from the start, hoped that this single could be a song that would actually bring women together, be an anthem for them. With this version of the video she has done just that. She dreamed about having those strong and very powerful voices come together to create something special and these female artists made Rayy’s dream possible. They all have amazing voices and the video shows the talent of females in the Canadian country music scene.

All the artists for this video self-recorded at their homes; with video and sound production done by Nicole Rayy and Damon Ironstone. Their harmonies are incredible. The song and video –  “All Love, All Fight, All Woman!” What a way to show the world that women RULE!

In an exclusive with Canadian Beats, Nicole Rayy says of this video,

“I’m just so excited for people to see it and hear all these beautiful voices together! These ladies are all incredibly talented and I don’t feel like they get the credit they deserve. Things are still not equal for all women in the industry and it’s so frustrating because I don’t understand why. They are so damn good!”

Rayy wants to let all the male country music artists know:

“This is our time. Move over boys because these women in country are about to BLOW YOU AWAY! Let the GIRLS play!”

Download or stream “All Woman” HERE.

Connect with Nicole Rayy:

Connect with the artists who took part in the making of this version of  “All Woman”:
Alessia Cohle
Bree Taylor
Elyse Saunders
Jess & Tay
Kelsi Mayne
Mackenzie Leigh Meyer
Melissa Megan
Rebecca Reeves
Suzi Kory

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