Fresh Breath releases new single, “Time For A Change”

Award-winning Canadian alt-folk-rock-to-blues duo, Fresh Breath is made up of husband and wife, Josh and Katie Pascoe. The two have released their newest single, “Time For A Change”.

“At face value, it’s a song about wanting to break free from the stressful normalcy of small town living,” Katie Pascoe says. “It’s about heading out on an adventure with the one you love.

Getting out of town,” Josh Pascoe adds. “Together.”

But as most great songs do, there’s a personal backstory to “Time For A Change,” too.

“It’s inspired by some personal events that happened to us,” Josh explains. “A friend of ours who lives in Calgary, Alberta, was chatting with us about their upcoming western tour at the time. Knowing we’d be there during the Calgary Stampede, he encouraged us to learn and brush up on some country music.”

So we decided to write our own!” Katie adds. “We kept it honest, simple, and to the point.”

To boot, the pair had both experienced a weekend full of ‘small town drama’ at the time, so they included it in the track. “As we were writing, Josh was sipping on whiskey and it also happened to be a Tuesday…. That got worked into the very first line of the song, and it all fell into place from there.”

Check out “Time For A Change” below and be sure to stay up to date with Fresh Breath via their socials.

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