Katie Ditschun releases video for “That Is That”

Alexandria, ON-based contemporary jazz-pop singer-songwriter, Katie Ditschun has unveiled her new single, “That is That” from her album, Spare Skirt.

“One morning, in the shower, I was singing songs from one of my favourite musicals and felt overcome by the powerful fact that everyone needs other people in their lives,” Ditschun recalls. “The power of love and human connection is unparalleled.

People need people. That is that. People need people. That’s a fact,” she continues, citing the song’s basis. “The juxtaposition in ‘That Is That.’ — with a firm period — is in the fact that it’s a simple song with simple words and statements, but it’s also a very complex and complete message.

It’s whimsy with depth.”

Check out the video below, and be sure to stay up to date with Katie via her socials.

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