Troy Junker releases new single “4U” ft. LUVR

Last week, Canadian Rapper Troy Junker released 4U ft. LUVR, the third single off his forthcoming EP, The Path – set for release on July 20. 4U is a love song with the official music video showcasing loving relationships between all kinds of people – truly making it a love song for everyone. The video highlights the innocent and touching moments in relationships, whether it be a series of important milestones shared, or simply spending time with the person you love. These scenes bring the lyrics to life making for an exceptionally relatable composition – especially because these couples are together in real time.

Troy touches on his inspiration behind 4U:

Nearly everybody has a special someone who you’d do anything and everything for and that’s what inspired me. I approached 4U like a love poem that can be played for years to come. In the music video, it was so important that we show love of various forms and to not be afraid of showing our softer sides.

The track also features vocals from LUVR, who Troy met during his time studying in the Music Business Management program at Durham College. LUVR mentions:

4U is the kind of song that makes you want to fall in love. It holds a special place in my heart considering it allowed me to collaborate with my close friend, Troy. Having worked with Troy when I lived in Canada, we recorded this song and filmed the music video while on opposite sides of the world.

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