PREMIERE – Birds From Paradise release Stay Home Session of “The World Is Your Oyster”

Montreal, QC-based folk trio, Birds from Paradise have unveiled their Stay Home Session for “The World Is Your Oyster” from their album, Birds. “The World Is Your Oyster” is the first song written as a band. As the writing process started there wasn’t a clear direction in which to go. The term ‘The World Is Your Oyster’ was written across a storage box and once the trio discovered the meaning of the expression they were inspired.

It was the group’s first year following graduation. It was a time of uncertainty as they realized the reality of not being able to find a job right away within the music industry. The song is about how everything will be okay and that you can achieve what you want.

The band shares,

“It was really fun and also soothing for us to finally be able to sing together even though we couldn’t physically be together as we would normally do,” said Birds From Paradise. “It really helped us cope with the fact that we also miss each other as friends! We found comfort in these uncertain times through our own lyrics, ‘All the clouds of the valley are gonna leave the sky today’, knowing we could hope and wait for better days.”

Check out the video below, and stay tuned to their socials for more information!

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