PREMIERE – Ten Minute Detour releases new single, “Sellout”

Indie rock band, Ten Minute Detour released their sophomore album, Common Pleasure back in 2018. 2018 also saw several lineup changes and relocation from their previous Alberta home to their current Southern Ontario residence. Now, the band is back at it with a brand new single, “Sellout”.

The band shares,

“The brightest parts of the song all enter independently, adding to the life of the song like chapters in a book. You have Matt’s warm, wandering piano pulling you in, followed by the Jupiter synth, which piques your interest and alludes to more elements to come. Finally, you have this beefed-up, jagged guitar that soars in with the drums and really carries the song home.

The theme behind Sellout is the struggle of knowing when to step out of your comfort zone artistically. When, if ever, do you go against your artistic intuition, hoping that it will bring you more success? If you get there, how will you handle fame and fortune? It could be a very isolating experience-one where you find great material rewards, but lose personal connections on the way.”

Check out “Sellout” below and stay up to date with Ten Minute Detour via their socials.

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