Interview – Brian Harwood & Dustin Bird for Together We’re Strong

Canadian country artists are coming together for a good cause. Kansas Stone’s Brian Harwood and country artist Dustin Bird created the song Together We’re Strong with a few of their famous friends to benefit the Unison Benevolent Fund.

Harwood and Bird enlisted their friends in the industry – including Jason Blaine, Aaron Pritchett, and Cory Marks – to support Unison’s COVID-19 relief fund. The track, in partnership with Spotify, has already reached more than 58K streams and the music video has garnered more than 20K views.

The video for Together We’re Strong has been dedicated in memory of Captain Jennifer Casey, featuring clips from the Royal Canadian Air Forces’ Snowbirds and the Captain herself.

We caught up with the dynamic duo to find out more about the initiative and the inspiration behind it.

Tell our readers why you wanted to work with the Unison Benevolent Fund, and the work they do for the music industry.

“The Unison Benevolent Fund has an incredible impact on our music community by helping those in need, and in a time of extreme adversity, it has quickly become a key component in keeping our industry strong and healthy. Their existence was a major inspiration behind putting this project together in the first place, as we wanted to support their efforts however we could.” – Dustin Bird

Did you have any preconceived goals for what you wanted this song to represent? Or did the idea develop in a more organic way?

We set out to write a song that, at its core, was uplifting and brought people together through some difficult and confusing times in an attempt to make a positive impact on our community as a whole. It grew larger than we could have ever anticipated.” – Brian John Harwood

There are so many talented Canadian artists that are a part of this song. What has this experience been like getting everyone involved?

It was such an incredible experience to be able to work with so much talent on one song! Over the years, we’ve got to know these artists through touring, but to bring them together on a single was extremely unique and rewarding. Ultimately, we were able to create something that we are all proud of.” – Brian John Harwood.

Have you been able to see or hear the reaction to Together We’re Strong?

“We have seen an amazing reaction to the project as a whole. From our DMs and tagged posts to press comments, the reaction to this song has been overwhelming in such a fantastic way. It seems to have struck a chord with a lot of folks.” – Dustin Bird

What do you want your fans to take away from the song and its overall message?

You’re not alone. It’s been said a million times throughout this crisis but it’s a message worth restating. There is strength in unity, so as long as we can remain positive and care for one another, we will be okay.” – Brian John Harwood

Together We’re Strong is now available to stream. Spotify will match every dollar donated by texting UNISON to 45678 or visiting

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