Marin Patenaude shares sophomore album, Sight Unseen

Marin Patenaude has released her sophomore album, Sight Unseen. The new album is out now via Toronto based label Still Records. Known for her confessional folk style; Sight Unseen is described as deeply honest, inspired by the wildness of nature, the messiness of human connection, and the overwhelming desire to run away from it all. Patenaude uses emotional lyrics paired with softly powerful instrumentals to craft stories that explore loving and losing, the fragility of the human condition, and stories of a rural upbringing.

Patenaude’s latest single is direct from the new album, Sight Unseen, and is titled “The Build.” The new song is available through major streaming platforms to give fans a glimpse into Patenaude’s new album!

For Patenaude, her songs are an extension of self – an opportunity to be as honest and real as she feels, something she has difficulty doing in the so-called real world.

Patenaude is the daughter of musical parents and the younger sister of Juno-award winning Pharis Romero. She was raised on folk and country harmonies. While music was a huge part of her upbringing, Marin didn’t initially look to being an artist as a viable career. From landscaping for the rich to running through the woods with her dog, a backpack, and a surveyor’s map, scrubbing toilets to training horses, she collected many random and interesting skills and experiences to use as songwriting fodder. When travels through other disciplines and passions didn’t last, she made a record. You can check out Sight Unseen on your favorite music platform today.

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