PREMIERE – Running Red Lights releases new single, “Hollow”

Toronto, ON-based folk-pop band, Running Red Lights announced their retirement last month with the release of 4 singles in Spring/ Summer 2020. They have labeled it their “Sendoff Series”. The first was released in May, “Flower In The Concrete“.

Now, we are happy to aid them in the release of “Hollow”. This track has a real 80’s pop throwback sound. Hollow opens over minimalist swirls of ominous sounds evocative of a classic 80’s horror film soundtrack. Scarlett’s voice maintains a trancelike composure insinuating a feeling of creeping dread. The song seamlessly swells and mutates into a fast-packed mock gothic 1980’s pop/rock chorus with urgent, syncopated grooves and full-throttle gritty vocals.

The alliance of mythological imagery with the twisted, hypnotic echoes of the synth hauntingly paint the spectral portrait of what remains of a scorned woman and her painfully vacant heart.

Check out “Hollow” below and be sure to stay tuned for the final two tracks in the near future.

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