Land of Talk releases new single, “Diaphanous”

As part of POP Montreal, Land of Talk will be among others joined in a Livestream performance on June 7th. Usually, this 4-day festival has independent music performances of nearly 400 artists scattered around the Mile End area of Montreal, in the Fall, but these are different times. Check out the dates and times for your live streaming pleasures HERE.

2006 birthed the start of Land of Talk, and throughout their origin as a band, they have learned that it’s best when you can live life as a slow, but steady burn. Fleeing that you can say more with less, and realizing you can push beyond what female voices are ‘supposed’ to sound like.

With a new video for the single “Diaphanous”, Land of Talk, is fronted by Elizabeth Powell’s calm Folk Alternative sound. The steady guitar melodies, and notes of the 90’s band Portishead; or the sweet familiar sounds of Sarah Harmer. Powell has described this single as “Finding self-determination in what we chose to reveal and disclose, what we make transparent.”
The album Indistinct Conversations also explores the inner work needed to conquer your sense of self and the fragile structures of the world.

Check out the video for “Diaphanous” below, and stay up to date with Land of Talk via their socials.

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