Noah Reid releases new video for “Got You”

Last week, “Schitt’s Creek” ‘s Noah Reid released the music video for “Got You”, two days before the release of his second album “Gemini”, available since last Friday to purchase/stream here.

The ​”​Got You​” video was directed by Amy Segal (who directed the Schitt’s Creek documentary Best Wishes, Warmest Regards) who drove around the city of Toronto filming a bunch of Reid’s friends and members of his community getting out of the house for a socially distanced, apart-together dance party.

Noah explains:

“Back when life was normal, we used to throw parties (remember parties?) and often my fiance Clare and her sister Julia would make up these line dances and get a bunch of people learning the steps and doing it together, and it was just the best​. We thought that would be a fun thing to do with the Got You video, but obviously we can’t all be together at the moment. So Clare and Julia made up a dance that was Noah-Proof (if I can do it, anyone can)”

Everyone could use a little feel-good-movement so Noah has encouraged fans on social media to learn the dance themselves and share their videos using the hashtag #GotYouDanceChallenge and if they tag @olreid and @baselinemusic on their post it just might get shared!

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