Sameer Cash releases new single, “Keep Kicking”

Sameer Cash is back with his latest single, “Keep Kicking”.

“Keep Kicking” touches on the growth through discomfort, moving forward while honouring our past selves.” According to Cash, “This moment in time has left many of us feeling stuck in a situation that we simply can’t grow out of, for fear that it’s going to be hard and painful.  We find ourselves stuck in the middle, in that teeter-totter tight rope point, where, slowly, it’s becoming harder to stay stagnant than it is to move — we are confronted with pain on either side and we must push through whatever is in front, if only because what’s behind is so much worse.”

In a time when our everyday routines have had no other choice but to change to meet what is needed, this song may be a message for us all to remember. “Perhaps this is the universe telling us to ‘Keep Kicking’ through the dark moments in our lives. To keep striving for something greater than ourselves.”

Cash also recently released his first single, “Driveway Moment“, since his rebirth as a solo artist. According to Cash, “Driveway Moment” is about “the small glimpses between the big adventures. They are the moments that I have lived in most of my life. Those are the times where you really grow and learn. When you’re not thinking so much, but merely existing, and feeling the weight of everything in front of you, and all the things you’ve left behind.”

Make sure to take a minute to listen to both motivational singles. You won’t be disappointed.

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