Leanna Chapman releases new single, “You”

Ontario’s own Leanna Chapman unveiled her brand new single, “You” on May 20, 2020. The track is her third single, which follows her debut single, “Sin” released back in September 2019, and “Therapy” which was released on Valentine’s Day this year.

Leanna shares,

“”You” is a different vibe than my previous songs as it’s a ballad with a country-pop feel whereas my other two singles are upbeat dance tracks.

This song is very special to me because it’s about my struggle with anxiety and depression which I have been dealing with since I was a little girl. In these lyrics I share my insight of learning how to cope with these emotions and become stronger rather than let them defeat me. The music was created by Artur Mukhametzyanov (a.k.a. LM25 Music) and it’s such a beautiful melody that makes me feel emotional but also a sense of inspiration and hope which is the message I wanted to share about my journey.

Releasing my third single, it was important to me to break away from the upbeat dance tracks and get more personal with myself and my audience. I don’t want to typecast myself, especially as such a new artist and I want people to get to know who I truly am. I enjoy all styles of music and I will continue to create powerful ballads, fun dance songs, and maybe even dip into some other styles of music in the future. The limit does not exist and the beauty of being an independent artist is that I have 100% control over what I want to create and how I share it with the world.”

Check out the single below, and if you like what you hear, check out all of her music on all digital streaming platforms.

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