Evangeline Gentle releases “You and I” EP

In anticipation of the vinyl release of their self-titled full-length album, Evangeline Gentle has release​d​​last week “​You And I”, on Sonic Unyon Records, a unique EP that serves as an introduction to the emotional warmth and dynamic power of this emerging singer-songwriter, as well as a mirror held up to humanity’s unique historical moment. You can stream/purchase the EP here​.

​Gentle explains:

“​You And I​” is the preludial a cappella opening song of my live show, and its message seeks to unite audiences with a sense of ‘sameness’. I believe that our deepest connections are found through vulnerability which is why I feel compelled to sing this track completely unaccompanied.

“Black is the Colour” is “a traditional Scottish folk song that I first heard as a child growing up on the North East Coast of Scotland​. Despite moving to Canada at age 11, my love for Celtic folk music persists and performing this song feels like sharing another bit of who I am.

These a cappella tracks were recorded and mixed by Luke Schindler at Toronto’s Revolution Recording, and the companion videos, in striking black and white, were directed by Rob Viscardis. Live-to-tape performances, they pulse with intimacy and immediacy. In a twist of the kind of fate alluded to in the title track, the session took place in mid-March, a week before the world began going into lockdown.

There’s an inevitable poignancy to vocal-only songs whose lyrics deal with the power of human connection. Perhaps more so now in a time when our shared experience of life is one of being physically separated from each other, and aching to close those distances.

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