Interview – Samara Yung

Samara Yung has released her new single, “In Case You Missed Me.”

The energizing song is a follow-up from recent hit singles “Too Cool” and “Swerve,” which landed her a spot in the Canadian country radio Top 30.

With four albums under her belt, Yung brings experience to the table, but in her latest performance on “In Case You Missed Me,” she sounds as fresh as ever.

Canadian Beats caught up with Yung to chat about her new track and what else is in store for her.

What aspect of “In Case You Missed Me” were you most excited for listeners to hear? 

Honestly, I was just excited for people to get a new track from me!! “Swerve” was my favourite track to date, but I think this one is even better!! I just love how this whole track turned out. I love the emotion in the lyrics. I feel like these last few singles just feel so much like “me”, I’m excited for people to get to know the real me through my music.

Your new single goes as far as to include an old-school guitar solo in it! In a world where guitar solos are becoming less and less utilized, how cool was it to make this work in the track? 

I feel like country songs just need guitar solos. They are always one of my favourite things about country songs because the guitar often tells the story and evokes emotion just as much as the lyrics do and it just fits so well into the track.

While you’re no stranger to the music industry, your recent material is truly breathing new life into Canadian country music. What inspires you to keep making these electrifying songs? 

The songwriter’s inspire me! I do not get to write as much as I might like to these days but these amazing songwriters write every day and I am just so lucky that they are willing to let me tell their stories.  When I hear a song that gives me goosebumps or makes me feel something, I know that’s the song I need to sing and share with the world. These songs are just an extension of who I am, and where I’m at musically at this time of my life. I’m so lucky I get to share that with you all.

You’ve now released three singles over the span of the last year or so. Is there an album on the way? Will these songs be included? 

Yes, yes, and yes! We are currently working on getting the EP finalized and out for you guys. We have 3 other amazing tracks to add to these singles and I just know you will love the musical journey we have planned for you! We do know that the album will be called “Things I Can’t Turn Off” and hopefully will be out very soon!

In a previous interview with us, you mentioned that you loved Emerson Drive. Your latest material was produced by Danick Dupelle from that band. How special is it to be working with someone you look up to so much? 

Seriously, it’s so amazing!! I remember seeing Emerson Drive in concert so many times and thinking how amazing they were; never knowing that one day I would call some of them friends! Danick is truly an amazing producer and friend who pushes me out of my comfort zones and is always encouraging me and believing in me, even when I don’t. I think that is why all of these new tracks turned out the way they did. Danick is the magic behind it all, as it takes a great team to make a great song.

What Canadian artists have you been listening to lately? Can you put us on to any we may have never heard of?

There is so much great music being released right now! I have been jamming to Matt Lang’s “Getcha”, which Danick also produced. It’s so country and Matt’s voice is just killer. Not Canadian, but I also have been loving Luke Combs’ “Six Feet Apart”. It really just captures how we are all feeling right now.

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