Jill Barber releases new video for “Summer Nights in Montreal”

Acclaimed francophone artist Jill Barber has dropped her newest single, “Summer Nights in Montreal” featuring Yann Perreau.

The video displays vintage-style VHS footage of Barber and Perreau in the studio. When accompanied with the cutesy, wholesome soundtrack, the song + video combination make for an endearing experience. Barber exclaims that in this track, she’s dwelling on sweet memories she’s made in her favourite city.

“On Summer Nights in Montréal, I savour the memory of a past encounter: a sweet recollection of a steamy evening in Montréal;” shares Jill. “But more than that, it is a love letter to Montréal, to the intoxicating effect it has on me, and the “joie de vivre” that I feel each time I’m there. I loved the idea of this song being a duet, a back and forth “dance” between a woman and a man, so I approached Yann Perreau about singing it with me. He is a coup-de-coeur of mine and I am thrilled to have him as my duet partner on this song.”

Her upcoming LP Entre nous happens to be her first-ever collection of original French songs, which allowed her to step out of her comfort zone in the recording process. The record is due out on June 19.

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