Crown Lands release new single, “Howlin’ Back”

Ontario-based powerhouse rock duo, Crown Lands have unveiled their latest single, ” Howlin’ Back” via Universal Music Canada.

Guitarist Kevin Comeau describes,

“this is a dark blues romper that owes its occult imagery to our fascination with the woods. It’s the most unapologetically blues-based song we’ve ever recorded.”

The single, which was produced by the legendary Dave Cobb follows the release of “Spit It Out” and is the second single from the duo’s upcoming debut album, which is set to be announced this summer.

The band released a visualizer along with the single. The kaleidoscopic moving graphic blends natural elements with waves of abstract to amplify every note.

Illustrating the vision behind the music and lyrics, lead vocalist and drummer Cody Bowles explains,

“’Howlin’ Back’ is about the fears that spawn from campfire tales, it’s that tingling feeling of uncertainty when you turn your back to the woods at night. Hard belting juxtaposed with falsetto vocal textures help colour an eerie atmosphere above the relentless drums and slide guitar that give it swagger and make the tune feel like it’s on the verge of derailing.”

Check out the visualizer below, and stay up to date with the band via their socials.

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