Loviet releases new single “The Thrill”

Last week, Toronto-based indie-pop rocker Loviet release​d​ her upbeat, nostalgia-fuelled single “The Thrill”. I​t’s the second track off her anticipated debut EP ​”​Everyone Knows The Thrill When It’s Over​”​ —written during a heatwave in NYC—out June 19, 2020. You can stream/purchase the single here, and check out the music video below!​

Recorded in Vancouver and produced by 2020 JUNO Award nominated Recording Engineer of the Year Ryan Worsley, the opening line “Oh, know the way we drive, going 95, never gonna die” sets the tone. Loviet says, “‘The Thrill’ is a fast, driving track, lining up how falling in love can either feel the same as speeding down a highway with someone or driving off a cliff.” In making the video, it was a matter of finding visuals that went in line with the aesthetic once the theme and mood of the track was established. “Vintage cars, California, dancing, driving…crashing.”

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