Ken Yates releases video for new single, “Evangeline”

Acclaimed folk artist Ken Yates has unveiled a music video for his new song, “Evangeline,” the sixth single from his upcoming LP, Quiet Talkers.

The song brings a hopeful element to Yates’ melancholic discography, highlighted by the line: “Life can be a gold mine if you’ve got a good mind. Stay inside the right lines, but don’t keep it too clean, Evangeline.”

Yates says that initially, the reassuring tune wasn’t even supposed to make the cut for Quiet Talkers, but it just wouldn’t escape him.

“Evangeline” is by far the most uplifting song I’ve written. It almost didn’t make it on the new album but I kept coming back to it,” shares Yates. “I think of it as an inspirational love letter encouraging a loved one to slow down and take care of themselves, which is probably something we all need to be reminded of right now, including myself.”

Quiet Talkers is due out on May 22. Stay tuned for our review.

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