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SIRIUS XM Top Of The Country and SOCAN Award-winner Matt Lang is getting ready to release his funky new single, “Getcha,” on May 8th through Jayward Artist Group / The Orchard / Sony Music Canada.

The song was produced by country icons Tebey and Emerson Drive’s Danick Dupelle. You’ll find it brings a fresh take to old-school country music, giving young and old fans something to enjoy.

Canadian Beats caught up with Matt Lang to talk about his exciting new track.

You’re gearing up to drop a new single, “Getcha.” What can fans expect from this track? How does it contrast your other material?

This one is a little bit more country than my first EP. It’s a bit more vintage and inspired by old school country like Dwight Yoakam. It’s a song perfect for line dancing and I really wanted one on the record. I love a good party, so this album is a little more festive and I’m really excited about it.

Is it a bummer that you won’t be able to play your new song live until further notice? How excited are you to finally get back to playing your energetic shows?

It is definitely a bummer, especially since we had so many great shows lined up all over Québec, in the rest of Canada, and even overseas. But this is something we all have to deal with and I think we will just appreciate everything so much more once we are able to get back on stage.

Hailing from Maniwaki Québec, the rumour is you’ve been adapting to the English language over your few years as a musician. Overall, how difficult has this transition been?

It’s definitely a challenge, but I can’t say it’s been hard because I feel like I have so much support from everybody. People, either fans, radios stations, or media, are so patient with me. I think everyone knows I’m trying my best so they go easy on me haha! But I definitely want to get better at everything, and this is one of the first things I want to keep working on.

Your previous single, “Water Down the Whiskey,” along with “Getcha” are going to be featured on an upcoming EP. What are you most excited about on your next release?

I’m really excited that we got to keep the sound that we started to build for the project, but that we took it somewhere else, played around with it, and brought a vintage country touch to it that I love.

Can you describe your journey of becoming a smaller act into becoming one of Canada’s premium country artists in just a few years?

First, thank you for saying that, I really appreciate it. It’s definitely been an incredible experience so far, I never thought things would have happened so fast. It’s something I dreamed about, but it’s better than I imagined. I can’t thank everyone enough for making this possible. I feel very lucky to be where I am today.

Canadian Beats is a huge promoter of Canadian music. What Canadian artists do you look up to the most?

I am a big Dean Brody fan. Great guy and a great artist! Would love to collaborate with him at some point.

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