ITUS shares video for “Primordial”

Toronto-based doom band ITUS has released a music video in support of their single, “Primordial.”

The song, which is the title track of their new debut EP, carries a constant heaviness and droneyness throughout. Sludgy riffage from down-tuned guitars and evil-sounding gutturals chug the song along, accompanying the fear-filled music video.

Primordial brings the heaviness of genre-giants such as Electric Wizard and Sleep to the ears of Canadian listeners.

“We think that this EP will manage to ensnare those who are into heavier music, as well as attract other listeners who may not be so into death metal and related genres. The clean vocals and bright lead guitars really lighten up the darker, heavier passages of the songs. Reinier’s aggressive, chortling screams and yelling portrays an unhinged, brooding darkness, sure to keep listeners on the edge of their seats.”

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