Nelson Sobral releases new single, “Yours & Mine”

Toronto, ON-based singer-songwriter and guitarist, Nelson Sobral has unveiled his new single, “Yours & Mine”.

I personally enjoyed the single very much, as it mixes various genres such as blues, r&b, country, and rock flawlessly, creating something that everyone can enjoy, regardless of their genre preferences. Also, the lyrics are certainly something that everyone can relate to, give it a listen and see if you agree!

The single is about “loving someone regardless of their faults, especially since we all have ’em.”

Nelson shares,

I originally tracked the whole song (drums, guitar, bass & vocals – with Rafael Rodriguez on drums) over at Story Arts Centre with Mike Langford engineering/producing. Unfortunately, the track proved to be unusable, not because of anything Mike or Rafael did or didn’t do but because I had recorded it in the wrong key! I realized after letting the recording sit for a few months that pitching it up would benefit my voice and the track so I set about re-recording all the guitars, bass & vocals at my home studio “Bowery Sound” with Mattie Leon helping to engineer & produce and he also recorded a sweet organ track that sits just right in the song…we were fortunate to not have to re-do Rafael Rodriguez’s swaggering, soulful drum track!”

Check out the single below and stay up to date with Nelson via his socials.

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