Jesse Maxwell reveals new single, “Room In Hell”

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Jesse Maxwell has released a new single, “Room In Hell.”

The heart-wrenching track is the second single released from his upcoming LP, Radio Silence. His debut album explores the artist’s personal experience with addiction and the wear and tear it had on his mental health.

“Room In Hell” is about Maxwell’s hellish time in rehab, he exclaims.

“As I open myself up emotionally, in the most transparent way I can, I present to you Room In Hell. A moment captured of the first time I called a rehab facility during my dark years of drug addiction – a moment of peak vulnerability and introspection in my life. “Helpless” to me, was where I was at.” Jesse explains. “I was broken and lacked a fundamental self-love, that I filled with drugs and toxicity. I was changed, sick, dark, with burned bridges and disconnected. It was only after several stints of rehab that I developed a love for myself, to know that my life was valuable and redeemable. So as cliché as it may sound, that one call changed my life. Today I live a clean and serene life which I never take for granted, but I wrote this song to reflect on where I have come from and it keeps me humble. Addiction gets the best of many people in this world, and you have to really be lucky to make it out the other side, so I remind myself of that and I remain grateful that I did.”

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