Jean-Paul De Roover releases video for single, “Clench”

Thunder Bay rocker Jean-Paul De Roover has released a video for his song “Clench,” a single from his album LOSS, which was released in February.

The song and album as a whole deals with the theme of a faltering friendship. He says that his new collection of songs are more personal than ever before.

“Sure, it still has a lot of elements that still sound like me, but many are very fresh. The heavy progressive lean, the anti-looping composition, the added orchestral instrumentation and the fact that I’m literally screaming on more than one song instead of relying on my most recognizable asset (my singing voice) means that I’m intentionally making myself very vulnerable and very uncomfortable,” Jean-Paul says of the songs on LOSS.

Experience “Clench” and more songs from De Roover’s new LP live from the comfort of your own home, as he will be livestreaming an exclusive home concert for Music Together on Thursday, April 30.

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