What to listen to in Quarantine: Sweater Puppies’ genre-defining self-titled EP

EP: Sweater Puppies
Release Date: April 16, 2020
Genre: Rock

Week four of quarantine; you’ve caught up on Netflix, completed every sudoku you can find, and scrolled TikTok to the beginning. Boredom is setting in right now for thousands, but one Toronto based alternative rock band is about to make you glad you have time to kick back with your headphones in.

Sweater Puppies’ new Self-titled EP is the antithesis to self-isolation boredom. From the opening track Mayhaps, a party popping emo punk anthem with its influence firmly rooted in naughties surf rock nostalgia, to its closing act On My Mind, the band take you on a journey through all that it means to be confused and consumed by wishful thinking and lack of confidence in oneself. This EP is not just a body of songs, it is a commentary on what it is to be human, and rings more profoundly now than ever before.

The band draws inspiration from other alternative and punk bands in the Toronto scene including PUP. Their own songs are made up of relatable and humanizing lyrics on love, insecurity, and finding out who you are. Their signature sound is a combination of indie-alternative, punk and surf rock inspirations, the result being powerful and emotional vocals courtesy of lead singer and guitarist Nick Corcoran, creative and attention-grabbing fills from drummer Miguel Luzuriaga, melodic and uplifting tones by lead guitarist Matias Serrano and Jason Accardo on bass pulling it all together.

Their headlining EP Release show at the legendary Toronto venue, The Horseshoe Tavern may have been temporarily postponed, but don’t let that stop you from giving the collection of songs a listen. “Sweater Puppies” is not an EP you want to miss out on, it’s hands down one of the most exciting releases to be coming out of the Toronto scene right now. In these curious times for the music industry, bands like Sweater Puppies are keeping the music alive.

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