Rozette unveils new music video for “Bite”

Calgary pop-artist Rozette has released a music video in support of her new single, “Bite.”

Rozette preaches nothing but positivity and empowerment in her new track; encouraging listeners to love their bodies and to be proud of the person they are behind catchy, repetitive hooks to emphasize her message.

The video speaks to her boldness, as it features the singer-songwriter experimenting with a green screen as she tries to ignite your appetite by appearing as a hotdog and cooking up a tasty treat all in the same breath.

“We had a bunch of concepts in mind for the video and I finally just said, ‘I just want it to be big and colourful.’ I said I am going to buy a bunch of wacky costumes. We’re going to match the costumes to the lyrics. We’re going to make it literal and funny and that’s what it is, and people will either get it or they won’t,” she said. “I wanted the video to be as obnoxiously ‘me’ as possible,” says Rozette.

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