Spotify Introduces Personalized Pet Playlists

Spotify is taking streaming to the next level with personalized playlists for your pets. That’s right, even animals are going to be getting in on the action. This pairing shouldn’t come as a surprise. A new study from Spotify showed 71 percent of pet owners surveyed played music for their pets, and 8 in 10 believe their pet likes music. Spotify took these statistics and decided to cater to this growing market with their curated playlists.

Pet Playlists allows consumers to obtain an algorithm-based playlist off of their musical taste and the character attributes of their pets. Each playlist has roughly 30 songs that the owner and animal may enjoy. As an example, a dog with high energy might get a playlist with upbeat tracks, while a cat with a calmer demeanor might receive one with slow-tempo tracks. Ozzy Ozborne even created one for his dog, Rocky.

Pet owners can begin curating their playlist at Questions and tips to get started can be found on Spotify’s For The Record blog.

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