Pharis & Jason Romero release two new singles, “Bet On Love” and “Hometown Blues”

The JUNO award-winning folk duo of Pharis & Jason Romero is back with a new pair of singles off of their upcoming full-length record.

Coming out of the village of Horsefly in central B.C., the husband and wife duo have been teasing their new record, Bet On Love, with a series of double releases, this time revealing the album’s title track and “Hometown Blues”.

“‘Bet On Love’ is the most personal and intimate song I’ve ever written,” says Pharis. “Most of our songs are about other people; it’s exhilarating to sing such a personal song. It’s a release, a permission to be frank about the outward charade I can create, and what it is I desire – ease, smiles, love. Knowing that love – especially for myself – is the channel that guides me best. The yodel at the end is so me at my core, when I’m feeling great and relieved.”

The second track part of this release is “Hometown Blues”, a banjo-driven song inspired by the style of legendary bluegrass artist John Hartford.

“‘Hometown blues’ is that confusing state of mind where you love and crave the grounding of your home town, but know that you need to leave to really appreciate it,” says Pharis. “And you resist the old patterns that may follow you if you return. My dad was born and raised in Horsefly, BC. He returned back to the area after trying out fixing typewriters and playing in bands in Vancouver, and a short attempt at Montreal. ‘Swinging round the rainbow arc’ is a lovely old term for cutting trees down with an axe. ‘We all know who goes home and who won’t show for hours’ was from my childhood memories of men who went straight to the bar after working in the bush all day; some of them stayed for one drink and some stayed for more, while their families were waiting at home for them.”

Recorded from their banjo shop in Horsefly, Bet On Love is due out May 15. Pre-order HERE.

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