Interview – Emily Reid

BC-born and Nashville-based country star Emily Reid made waves last year with the release of her hit debut EP, Wine.

Canadian Beats was able to catch up with Emily to chat about her musical roots, her experiences working out of Nashville, and a certain grape-based beverage that she seems to be a fan of.

You’ve mentioned in the past that you’ve been writing your own original music since the age of 9. What inclined you towards wanting to write music? Where does that motivation come from?

From a young age writing songs has been how I’ve processed my feelings and understood the world.  I used to come home from school and spend hours piddling away on the guitar or piano and coming up with lyrics and melodies… often with no idea what I was making until after the fact.  It was always a simple pleasure for me and something that made the complexities of growing up make sense!

You’ve lived in several different places over the course of your career, perhaps most notably in the country music capital of Nashville. What are you able to get as an artist living in Nashville that you couldn’t get anywhere else? How does it compare to basing yourself out of Toronto, for example?

Nashville has felt like both a community and a boot camp in a lot of ways.  Everyone is creative- so you find a lot of like-minded thinkers who are pursuing a similar dream.. and then everyone is also so talented- so it really keeps you on your toes!  Toronto is my favorite city I’ve ever lived in, mostly for the diversity and the openminded nature of it.  I miss it a lot!

Your EP, Wine, was a huge success upon its release in the summer of 2019. Do you have any big plans coming up for 2020?

WELL IF THE WORLD COMES BACK… haha we have a lot of exciting shows coming up that I so hope don’t get canceled!  Also been working on some new music that I’m feeling very excited about.  I can’t wait to get back out there and hug people, and share some songs!

What has been your favourite tour stop in Canada so far? Any memorable shows or venues?

Opening for Kip Moore this past Fall on Vancouver Island was super memorable for me.  I got to play my hometown in a venue (The Royal Theatre) that I had grown up attending concerts at, and performing musicals at so it felt very full circle.  I literally cried on stage.

If you could write a song to be recorded by any country artist, past or present, who would you want to play your song? Is there anyone you would dream of writing a song for you to record?

Honestly, anyone recording any of my songs would be such an honor, but I think Keith Urban would be the coolest.  He’s so talented and takes chances with new writers – and he just punishes the guitar… so that would be cool.

What music are you listening to these days? Are there any up-and-comers you’re especially enthusiastic about?

Well, I’m definitely listening to more sad music than usual, which isn’t really like me!  I’m absolutely in love with Ingrid Andress, her new album is amazing.  I’m also loving Avenue Beat, those girls are so genuine and talented.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, what has been your go-to wine for surviving social distancing?

My favourite question of all time.  Wow.  Well…. I’ve been drinking a lot of Bota Box Cabernet!  At first, I was trying out a few different go-to’s, but have ended up with the good ol’, cheap and beautifully bold Bota!

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