Kristin Carter unveils new single, “Home Tonight”

Country artist Kristin Carter has released a moving new song called “Home Tonight.”

The track’s lyrical content discusses feeling homesick and the urge to cling onto memories of old.

Originally hailing from White Rock, B.C., Carter began her path drawing inspiration from the likes of Shania Twain, Dixie Chicks and Faith Hill. Carter’s extensive portfolio of catchy country songs is still in its early stages, but she’s still managed to achieve over 75K views on several of her YouTube videos. “Home Tonight” is another firm step in the right direction.

Here’s what Carter had to say about her newest release:

“I wrote Home Tonight after one of those nights where I simply could not sleep,” shares Carter. “Staring at the ceiling, all I wanted more than anything was to be in my bed, talking to my mom, with a cup of tea. I think we’ve all had nights like that. Some days are hard, and more than anything we long to go home, reset, and try again tomorrow. The next morning, I wrote this song with Kalsey Kulyk, all about finding comfort in our memories.”

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