Like A Motorcycle releases new single “Idols,” signs to Cadence Music

Halifax punk-rock quartet Like A Motorcycle has released “Idols,” their latest single and first release under Known Accomplice, a division of Cadence Music.

Their brand-new track is short but sweet, if by sweet you mean whaling, distorted guitars and aggressive vocals that persist until the song’s close.

With memorable phrases like “We won’t just bite our tongues / we’ll sew our faces shut,” Like A Motorcycle has built a brand on being rough around the edges, but still being cohesive enough to create catchy tunes, a trait that many punk bands fail to execute.

What’s more, the band’s drummer, Michelle Skelding, is also the lead singer. That’s always cool.

“‘Idols’ is an effort to ask questions surrounding the abuse of power. What lies can people tell themselves to justify their actions? What lies do we tell ourselves to protect the memory or reputation of someone we once idolized? Who protects us when these people are our politicians or our own family? How do we reconcile with the transgressions of an artist who once instilled value in our lives? How far are we willing to turn our heads to avoid looking at something we’d rather not see? Sometimes, our idols are just fucking assholes,” the band explains.

With the band’s standout discography and attitude, it’s no wonder they just signed to Known Accomplice, the rock imprint of Cadence Music who has Canadian icons like Headstones and The Trews on their roster.

Cadence Music President and CEO Iain Taylor says “We are really excited to bring LAM into the fold. They are a brilliant combination of aggression and punk ethos mixed with self-reverential humour.  We look forward to helping them take their message to the world.”

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