What To Listen To: Music Podcasts

We might not be listening to them on the train to work, or at the gym (for now), but we can still enjoy a good podcast from the comforts of our homes. We’re always anxious to sink our teeth into new music, and podcasts can be a unique way to open your ears up to new artists or genres you may not be familiar with.

So whether you’re interested in the history of your favourite genre, or you’d rather listen to interviews with the biggest names in music, we’ve got you covered. We’ve gathered a few of our favourite music-based podcasts to help get you through your days of social distancing.

Ongoing History of New Music

Musical encyclopedia Alan Cross takes us through various genres, bands, and phenomenons on his popular podcast. Known for digging up details and entertaining tidbits on almost every corner of the alt-rock universe, Cross’s delivery is charming and his research is unmatched. From artist interviews to a host of explored themes and genres, Cross’s podcast ensures you leave having learned something new.


This is the perfect podcast for music junkies who are anxious to explore the detailed themes and histories behind some of the biggest albums in hip-hop. Dissect picks one album per season and meticulously combs through the lyrics “measure by measure – word by word.” As one of the newer podcasts in rotation, there are currently five seasons available. If you’ve ever wondered what the lyrics behind Kayne West’s My Dark Twisted Fantasy or Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN are all about, you’ll appreciate Dissect’s attention to detail.

Questlove Supreme

Famed drummer and producer Questlove delivers a weekly podcast that dives into the music and world of pop culture that you know and love in a way that only Q can do. Each episode is guided by conversations with his guests ranging from their origin stories to career highlights and never-before-heard stories. It’s as informative as it is entertaining, and it features some of the best of the best – including Usher, Maya Roudolf, Michelle Obama, James Taylor, and of course friend and colleague Jimmy Fallon. Trust me, this one’s a good time.

New York Times Popcast

Don’t be fooled by the name, NYT Popcast covers a wide variety of music. Hosted by music critic Jon Caramanica, the podcast features a roundtable of writers and critics that tackle everything from the rise of Post Malone, to the reckoning of Jazz in modern music, and almost everything in between. Each episode usually features an expert guest on the current week’s topic, and combined with the show’s writers it offers a well-rounded and entertaining conversation into the multifaceted world of popular music.

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