Jon McKiel shares the music video for “Object Permanence”

On Monday, Halifax rocker Jon McKiel released the music video for “Object Permanence”, the lead single from his forthcoming album “Bobby Joe Hope”, set to release on April 24th.


Directed by Andrea Thorne, the clip embraces the aura of McKiel’s “left-field psychedelia” (Noisey). Grounding the viewer in the familiar while diving headfirst into the surreal, the video aptly accompanies the track’s propulsive dead-toned bassline, gentle shimmering guitars, and ethereal harmonies.

Jon McKiel’s “Bobby Joe Hope”, encompasses a fascinating narrative about making art from the seeds of other art, informing the creative process through mystery works, and engaging with anonymous music to make your own.

In 2015, Jon McKiel bought a Teac A-2340, a reel-to-reel tape recorder (tapes included), from an online seller. One of these tapes included a myriad of samples from a nameless source – a stranger. During the summer of 2019, he once again teamed up with Jay Crocker (JOYFULTALK) to make a new album. The pair transferred all the material they could excavate from the tapes, and – combined with McKiel’s own samples that he’d been banking on other tapes – made a full album using this shared sonic architecture. In every song, the stranger is woven in. You can pre-order “Bobby Joe Hope” here.


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