Scott Hardware releases video for “Millionaire” ft. Deidre

Toronto, ON-based artist Scott Hardware will be releasing his latest LP, Engel via Telephone Records on April 3, 2020. Today, he shares the new video for “Millionaire” which follows Scott through a decades-long fixation on a very memorable one-night-stand.

We trail him through the years while ruminations of the encounter both bright and melancholic play in his memory on loop. Cyclical thoughts of power and pleasure aren’t the only things that repeat, however, and both Scott and his lover will eventually find their own way to relieve the encounter. By the end, we’re looking two ways: forward towards a potential (or parallel?) future, and behind us, to a past that is rooted in something stronger than the passing of time – an archetype.”

Check out the video below and be sure to grab Engel when it’s released on Friday.

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