Nightwell announces self-titled debut EP

Canadian emo band Nightwell’s self-titled debut EP is set to release on April 3, as of their announcement on Wednesday.

The Toronto four-piece is gearing up for their first official release, enlisting help from Silverstein producer Paul Marc Rousseau.

Having just recently dropped their third single, “Runaway”, at the end of February, the band says they have been sitting on the material for their upcoming EP for the last three years.

Here is the band discussing “Runaway”:

“When Jason had joined the band, we were sitting on a collection of material that we weren’t sure what to do with.” Guitarist Cole Hardy explains. “‘Drive’ was a real test on how the band would develop musically and melodically. Working towards our album we started to find our footing with ‘Confident’. As we worked endlessly on structure changes and melody changes, we decided to keep the singles as part of our release. Front to back the album has a lot of genre-melding material, you can almost hear the flow of ideas throughout the record.”

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