Review – Nicole Rayy

Album: All Woman
Release date: March 27, 2020
Genre: Country

I’m sure everyone can agree with me that the world has currently been struggling. It’s a hard time to be human and frankly, whatever I can do to distract myself from the current reality has been a welcome relief. Music has been something I’ve always turned to, so finding some new music to enjoy is always a bonus.

Ontario musician Nicole Rayy has been writing her own songs since she was young. Entering the music scene with her debut EP in 2012, she’s had a strong foothold in the Canadian Country music scene for quite some time. So her newest release All Woman is a testament to her growth in the industry as well as an artist. The six tracks on her newest EP are uniquely her own and yet something you can relate to on a personal level. Each song has an element different from the next, but they all interconnect as a whole.

To be a woman is something to be proud of. We are strong, resilient and independent. But we also still struggle with inequality, doubt and an image of weakness. All Woman encompasses what being a woman is in all aspects of the album. It combines the feelings of love, struggle, pain, anger and triumph and creates a harmony of songs that every single woman can relate to on a personal level.

This CMAO nominated artist has played festivals like  The Calgary Stampede, Trackside Music Festival and Howl at the Moon. She’s opened for Canadian superstars like Aaron Pritchett and Brett Kissel and even had the experience of performing at the World Music Festival in Shanghai, China. Rayy has been around the business for quite some time, but hopefully, we will be seeing a lot more of her and her music in the future.

So while we are all staying home and being good citizens of the planet, please find some new music to get lost in. We are all struggling as a collective so let’s help everyone get by a little bit easier. Find her new music on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. Or if you’re old school and would like a physical copy of the album, you can find it over on her website!

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