Keith Mosfet releases new single, “Breathe”

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Keith Mosfet recently dropped the title track off of his upcoming EP.

Breathe, Mosfet’s latest, has no firm release date as of yet but the multi-disciplined artist wanted to share this upbeat new single ahead of the announcement.

This is what Mosfet had to say about his latest single:

“‘If love was a gun, I was her trigger’. These lyrics in my new single ‘Breathe’ allude to contemplating whether I should be in a relationship or not. I realized that I needed a moment to breathe, relax and see if our feelings were genuine. I wrote my new single ‘Breathe’ to inspire people to take time to reflect on themselves and their feelings before making decisions that involve the heart.”

Mosfet also took over recording and mixing duties for the entire EP, which is expected to be formally announced at some point in the near future.

Connect with Keith Mosfet:

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