PREMIERE – Birds from Paradise release new single, “The Ride”

Montreal, QC-based folk trio, Birds from Paradise have unveiled the second single from their debut album, Birds to be released in May 2020. “The Ride” follows the success of “The World Is Your Oyster”, and features a beautiful arrangement filled with elegance and grace.

Written in between performance sets during a graduation at their University, ‘The Ride’ talks about a love that is uncertain at first because of life being busy and how hard it is to make it work when you share different realities. 

“As the song evolves, it becomes a promise, a question and a hope that everything’s going to be fine and will work out,” said Birds from Paradise. “The Ride is travelling through difficulties and beauties of life and still being together, looking back and thinking how to love each other as much, and maybe even more, after all these years”.

Take a moment and check out the track below. The music and vocals have a hypnotizing, calming feel to it, and with what’s going on right now throughout the world, that is much-needed. The harmonies meld together perfectly and vocals compliment each other flawlessly.

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