Maryze releases new music video, “Dis-Moi”

Bilingual electro-pop artist Maryze dropped her first French music video on Friday, called “Dis-Moi”.

Directed by Amanda Macchia and inspired by Italian Giallo films, the video for “Dis-Moi” plays out like a stylish arthouse thriller and features footage from Dario Argento’s horror classics, Suspiria and Inferno.

This track comes off of Maryze’s 2019 debut EP, Like Moons. Here she is talking about her new video:

“We shot the video on a freezing night in Toronto under pink neons – it already kind of felt like a delirious dream. Amanda picked up on the eerie vibes of the song and brought a beautifully unsettling tone to the shots. ‘Dis-Moi’ is about wanting to open up to the people we love about our demons, but worrying it will be too heavy for them. I wrote it as I was preparing to tell a partner about the darker parts of myself that I was ashamed of, but desperately wanted to share.”

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