LOONY announces new EP with single release, “WHiTE LiE”

Scarborough’s LOONY announced her new EP with the release of a new single, “WHiTE LiE”, which dropped in late February.

This latest track from the rising pop star serves to announce her upcoming EP, JOYRiDE, due out April 23 via AWAL.

Here is LOONY talking about how “WHiTE LiE” came to be:

“Lyrically, for me this song is about romanticizing and re-imagining truths that you’re otherwise hesitant to face. And then sonically, this song just feels fucking mean, and that sort of mimics the jaded and blasé tone I wrote it in. But there are also parts in the music that feel strangely joyous and even magical, and I think that reflects the feelings of imagination – or delusion – depending on how you look at it. And in a nutshell, that’s a good representation of how the whole project is… an organized musical chaos that acts as a mirror, and an armour, for my inner-most thoughts.”

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